Buses and Mini-Buses

For your group travel needs

Delaware Cars and Limousines offers chauffeur-driven buses and mini-buses. All of our chauffeured vehicles feature two-way radio communication to our dispatcher, and cellular telephones are available with all vehicles.

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  • Mini-Buses (up to 25 passengers)
  • Buses (up to 40 passengers)
  • Motorcoaches (up to 52 passengers)
  • 3 Day cancellation for Mini-Bus, 7 Day cancellation for Buses and Coaches


  • Mini-Buses $100 per hour, 3 hr. min or $3.50 per mile
  • Buses $130 per hour, 5 hr. min. or $3.50 per mile
  • Motorcoaches $150 per hour, 5 hr. min or $4.00 per mile
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Above rates do not include MPEA tax, tolls or gratuities. A 20% gratuity and 5% fuel surcharge will be added to all orders

Airport transfer rates apply to and from O'Hare and Midway airports and Chicago
and nearby suburbs. Unanticipated delays are billed in 1/4 hour increments at the regular rate, added to the airport rate.

Fares are computed on a portal-to-portal basis (from the time the vehicle leaves our facility until it returns), applying either the time rate or the mileage rate, whichever is greater. Fares are subject to change without notice.

In-Terminal representatives: $30 per baggage area greet domestic arrivals, $35 per international . Car Phones: $2.00 per minute of air time (includes all long-distance and roam charges)

"No-Shows" and late cancellations are subject to charge. You may cancel with no charge up to two hours before scheduled pick up time for towncars, 4 hours for limousines, SUV's, and vans.  Minibuses maybe be cancelled with 3 Days notice, larger buses and Motorcoaches with 7 days notice, with no charge.

All orders placed on the day of pick up will have a $5.00 "same day" surcharge added.

Rates effective January 2008.